The New Standard
for Whistleblowing Management

SafeWhistle is an encrypted and anonymous whistleblowing solution, designed to address various industry standards.
  • SafeWhistle
    for Corporate

    For any size corporation in a regulated or unregulated industry such as automotive, financial services, aerospace and more.

  • SafeWhistle
    for Government

    Designed especially for all branches of government, from local municipalities to federal gov. For governance integrity and accountability.

  • SafeWhistle
    for Education

    A customized solution to report concerns and/or misconduct within the schools or school administration.

  • SafeWhistle
    for Healthcare

    Compliance solution for healthcare systems, hospitals, patient facilities, and senior care to increase accountability and transparency.

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About Our Company

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Our Mission
To create a safer, more transparent business world. To hold executives in government and the private sector accountable for the integrity of their enterprise in the most secure and private way possible.
Our Existence
Developing state of the art, encrypted, and secure whistleblowing systems for corporate America. SafeWhistle™ has become the most respected and trusted third-party whistleblowing platform by changing the way employees and corporations interact.

Our Case Studies

Modern Case Studies

Corporations have handled whistleblowing cases with a reactionary mindset. As a result, there has been billions of dollars in financial damages, thousands of jobs lost, and irreversible damage to companies reputations.


Efficiently resolve critical cases with urgency before they become headline news.


Encourage a culture of accountability, corporate citizenship, and employee engagement.


Give corporate executives the ability to apply the damage prevention mindset.


Provide corporate leadership and stakeholders instant visibility and transparency.

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A platform for transparency, visibility & integrity.

SafeWhistle’s Purpose

What We Built
For SafeWhistle’s

employee engagement
Employee Engagement

Give your employees an open door to report safely and securely, without concern.

compliance management
Compliance Management

Adhere to regulatory compliance laws to ensure your business is within industry standards.

damage Prevention
Damage Prevention

Knowing the problem is 80% of the solution. Establish a culture of transparency and accountability

From report to resolution

All the features you need,
in one place.

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Anonymous Reporting

Report securely with no traceability from anywhere, at any time, using any device without having to install an app (optimized for web and mobile browsers).

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Case Management

Familiar inbox interface for ease of use.  Management can review, investigate, and escalate cases.  Save time, create visibility, and advocate transparency.

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Messaging Center

Intuitive follow-up process.  Facilitate a secure conversation where the organization and whistleblower can collaborate effectively and anonymously in real time.

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Escalation Workflow

Unattended reports are automatically escalated to the next level of management or department.  Integrating your company escalation workflow for maximum efficiency.

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Report Dashboard

View the number of reports received by category.  This information can be easy used within the organization to report on hotline activity.

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