The Whistleblowers Enigma!

According to few credible sources and publications, each year there are between 2787-3500 whistleblower cases filed each year that cost Corporate America for their mistakes in handing Whistleblowers between $4.5B – 6.0B dollars annually, split between government fines...

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The Use Case for Safewhistle

The Problem SafeWhistle™ was born out of necessity. There is no known platform currently in the US market for a corporation to collect and manage reports that are critical to the integrity of their business. Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a vertical...

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The Corporate Responsibility Paradox

The Corporate Responsibility Paradox After a significant event in human history, the questions that are often being asked are: “Does history tend to repeat itself?” and “Do we learn from our mistakes?”. Well, it depends on who do you ask. It seems that we are moving...

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